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Noted Missal:

Initial T with a Bishop

France – Paris, 1265-1285

Dominican Use

Script: Gothic bookhand and Italian rotunda.

Parchment with ink, paint, and gold

Notation: Square, Paris

Illuminator (Artist):  Johannes Grusch atelier


This noted missal, or missal with musical notation or neumes, is open to the Introit for the Dedication of a Church, “Terribilis est locus iste …” (This is a fearsome place).

A missal is a compleat book for the Mass: it unites in a single book the contents of earlier, separate books used for the Mass (the sacramentary, evangelary, and epistolary). A noted missal includes the musical notation for the chants used in the Mass.

Johannes Grusch atelier has many famous manuscripts attributed to it.  The shop was named for one canon who copied a Bible in 1267, but the earliest known work was made there between 1235 and 1245.

Free Library of Philadelphia Lewis E 158, f269v